Date of Award


Degree Name

Master of Science


Biological Sciences

First Advisor

Muhlach, William

Second Advisor

Kittleson, Mark


Histology as a career offers many challenging and diverse job opportunities but few qualified applicants pursue this vocation. The purpose of this research was to collect data to identify factors impacting this problem. The study investigated the awareness, attitudes and perceptions of community college and university science students towards laboratory health science and histology as a career option. The goal was to develop strategies to identify and recruit potential individuals who are qualified for the histology profession. The researcher surveyed 15 undergraduate science classes from two community colleges and one university in the Midwest. The community colleges and university surveyed offer academic course work necessary for a student to pursue a career in histology. The survey was designed to collect data regarding the student's attitudes toward career preparedness, job opportunities, anticipated salary, and laboratory science employment. Results of this study support the hypothesis that undergraduate students pursuing science degrees are potential candidates for careers in histology but they are unaware of the profession. The study also provides a preliminary needs-assessment to support the development of programs that offer histology training for undergraduate and graduate students pursuing college science degrees.




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