Date of Award


Degree Name

Master of Fine Arts



First Advisor

Olusegun, Ojewuyi


Crave, the play I chose to direct as my thesis final project, constitutes a complex and crude portrait of our time, a moment in history marked by violence and individualism. These themes permeate the whole script, with its experimental and poetic style constitutes a challenge at the moment of staging it. This document is intended precisely to register the whole process of staging Crave. The first chapter presents the pre-production research, in which I trace the artistic trajectory of the author, British playwright Sarah Kane, in the context of experimental theater. I also analyze the play, and I present my directorial approach to it. In the second chapter I register the actual process of staging it; the methodologies I used in working with the actors and the designers, as well as the challenges I faced in applying them. Finally, the last chapter is a reflection upon the whole process, with the intention of evaluating my growth as a theater director through this project, which constitutes my final step in these training years at SIUC.




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