Alumni Community Survey
Paul Simon Public Policy Institute
October 2014


What one word would you use to describe downtown Carbondale?

Most alumni have visited Carbondale since they graduated – 89%. However, this figure varies according to racial/ethnic identification - 78% of Hispanic/Latino(a) alums, 65% of Asian alums, and 76% of multiracial alums have visited since they graduated. Among those who have visited Carbondale, 47% have visited in the past five years (2010- 2014) and 61% have visited since 2000. Most alumni visit less than yearly (62%), and 38% visit yearly or more. Fifty percent of the sample visit Carbondale to see friends or family, while 35% visit Carbondale for sporting events or other SIU sponsored events. Among the 1119 respondents who said they visited for another reason, “campus,” “SIU,” and “reunion” were common words in their response.