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Published in Journal of Applied Physics, Vol. 101 No. 9 (2007) at doi: 10.1063/1.2712304


The magnetocaloric properties of Fe and Ge doped Ni2Mn0.75Cu0.25Ga Heusler alloys have been investigated. Using Ni2Mn0.75Cu0.25Ga as the parent material, the Fe doped system (Ni2Mn1−x(Cu–Fe)xGa) and a Ge doped system (Ni2Mn1−xCuxGa1−xGex) were studied. The manipulation of the Mn–Cu subsystem with Fe doping results in a decrease of the first order magnetostructural transition temperature, whereas the substitution of Ge for the Mn–Cu–Ga subsystems results in an increase of the magnetostructural transition temperature. In both cases the giant magnetocaloric effect is successfully preserved.