The American Library Association (ALA) accredited Masters in Library Science (MLS) has long been considered the standard terminal degree for most academic librarians. However, there are many relevant degrees offered in foreign countries that are not evaluated by the American Library Association. At Southern Illinois University Carbondale, a task force was formed to investigate whether the library faculty should revise their Operating Paper to allow for foreign library science degrees. Members of the task force researched the nature and quality of foreign library and information science education. They also investigated how other academic libraries handle this question by compiling data on the degree requirements listed in position advertisements for academic libraries posted between October 1 and November 5, 2008. The data suggests that many academic libraries allow individuals with non-ALA accredited library science degrees to apply for professional positions. This presentation examines the results of the task force’s investigation. The poster contains visual elements that will engage the viewer with the topic and encourage questions about the implications of this research.

Education text ALA poster.pdf (156 kB)
ALA poster session Chicago-2009