On the occasion of CALA’s 40th anniversary in 2014, the 2013 Board of Directors appointed a Self-Assessment Task Force to conduct an assessment survey with special focuses on members’ awareness of CALA’s organizational structure and policies, its services to members, the extent of participation in events sponsored by CALA, and the level of satisfaction with CALA leadership. Although only one-fifth of the active members responded to the survey, the answers and feedback have identified areas for organizational improvement and have shown how active members view the current state of CALA. Some essential findings from the survey include: 1) the growth of overseas membership as a demographic trend, 2) a need to recruit student members, 3) a high percentage of CALA members not aware of CALA’s Mission/Vision/Goal, 4) conflicting data on CALA’s leadership, 5) discovery of low ratings (10-30% of respondents) on eleven out of twelve rating questions, and 6) strong support for CALA as a representative organization of Chinese American librarians in North America. The findings of the survey will serve as a valuable reference for future strategic planning and for carrying out CALA’s long term goals.