Author supplied post-print. Tables following references. Appeared in: Graves, S. J. & Ruppel, M.D. (2006). Usability Testing and Instruction Librarians: A Perfect Pair. Internet Reference Services Quarterly, 11(4), 99-116. doi: 10.1300/J136v11n04_07


This study examines how librarians are experiencing usability testing and how their observations are influencing library instruction. A survey of instruction librarians illustrates how usability testing and library instruction are connected. Survey results prove instruction librarians are involved in usability testing. Furthermore, their participation in usability studies has led instruction librarians to alter their instructional methods. An overwhelming majority changed one or more instructional tools as a result of usability testing, and many reported creating new instructional resources. The authors add their own insights as both instruction librarians and participants in usability testing.