This essay challenges textual dominance in academia by using music composition and performance as a method and representation of inquiry. I argue that this is a form of tactical resistance since it plays within the system, meeting requirements but challenging expectations. The resulting text from the project satisfies academic requirements for a written text, but subverts expectations as to the form that text should take. I provide the musical score and a discussion of the creation and performance of the composition to show how even when attempting to abandon textualism, we are still constrained by it. Despite this, I present music as a useful approach to performance studies because it can introduce the local particulars of embodied performance and listening to the academy.


The audio of "I Am Enough: A Suite in Six Attitudes" is available through this journal at https://opensiuc.lib.siu.edu/kaleidoscope/vol18/iss1/3/. Individual tracks may be streamed at https://soundcloud.com/kalscopejrnl/sets/i-am-enough-a-suite-in-six-attitudes