Precognition” is an installation that seeks to explore the liminal space between actor and environment, human and technology, and self and Other through the performativity of flow. Deleuze and Guattari use the term “flow” to describe a deliberately imprecise way of knowing or understanding meaning beyond, across, and within the existing category of the form (trans. 1987). Within the materialist ontology of poststructuralism, it is not the form that matters so much as the substance - energies and affects entangle us with our surroundings, affording a radical questioning of the rational, contained self that remains so central to the Western, capitalist ethos. This performance sought to create a network of entangled (human and non-human) nodes of subjectivities - what Deleuze and Guattari call assemblages - and explore the fluid boundaries of the self and a dispersed understanding of agency. Essentially, such an ontology, coupled with the virtual capacities of new and emerging technologies, gives us an opportunity to revisit fundamental questions such as: what is a body, and what can it do? These questions served as the fundamental creative impetus for “Precognition.”

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