In developed nations, technological advancements rapidly
are changing every aspect of our lives: how we work, how
we communicate with each other, and even how we are
entertained. The influence of technology is readily
apparent. The subtleties of technology and its less
apparent influences also are tremendous. Advances in
computer technology, communications, and manufacturing
are affecting all sectors, including engineering. In the
arena of water resources, technological advances have
helped to not only develop a better understanding of our
physical systems but have allowed improved operational
and institutional tools to be developed to support water
management. These advances have the potential to
provide large and meaningful benefits to less developed
The objective of this paper will be to describe several
technological advances in water resources, specifically in
areas such as Flood Warning, Water Administration, and
Multi-Objective Water Management. Examples of
technologies implemented which have direct applicability
to developing infrastructures are described. Important to
the discussion of these advances are the ways in which
implementation and use of these technologies can protect
and save lives, extend and optimally use limited resources,
and provide useful inform ation to assist in the sustainab le
growth and development of our natural resources.