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Former title: Water Resources Update, until June 2004

Issues from 77 (Spring 1988) to 137 (September 2007) are available at this site.

Last Issue: Volume 137, Issue 1 (2007)



Water Use by Agricultural Crops and Riparian Vegetation: An Application of Remote Sensing Technology
Zohrab Samani, A. Salim Bawazir, Rhonda K. Skaggs, Max P. Bleiweiss, Aldo Piñon, and Vien Tran


Simulation of Impacts of Streamflow and Climate Conditions on Amistad Reservoir
Xing Fang, Rajendra Shrestha, Alan W. Groeger, Che-Jen Lin, and Mien Jao


Economic Costs of Desalination in South Texas: A Case Study
Allen W. Sturdivant, Callie S. Rogers, M. Edward Rister, Ronald D. Lacewell, Joseph W. Norris, Jesús Leal, Jose A. Garza, and Judy Adams


Land Use Change Impacts on Acequia Water Resources in Northern New Mexico
Marquita Ortiz, Christopher Brown, Alexander “Sam” Fernald, Terrell T. “Red” Baker, Bobby Creel, and Steve Guldan


Issue Editor
Karl Wood
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Adesola Adeyemo
Stanley Mubako