The purpose of this investigation was to determine if products advertised as environmentally friendly dishwashing detergents were safer for the environment than conventional detergents. The conventional detergents Ajax, Cascade, and Sun were compared to the eco-friendly detergents Palmolive, Finish, Dawn, and Diamond Brite to determine the effect on the regeneration and reproduction rate of Planaria maculate, the mortality rate of Paramecium caudatum, and the germination and growth of Zea mays and Glycine max. Solutions were prepared by adding 0.25 ml of each detergent to 2500 ml of spring water. Zea mays and Glycine max seeds were germinated and growth was measured. Planaria maculate heads and tails were placed in the solutions: reproduction and regeneration was recorded. The mortality rate for Paramecium caudatum was analyzed. The detergent, Diamond Brite, an eco-friendly product was the safest for the organisms. It had the highest average adjusted ranking score and a low standard deviation. Dawn, also an eco-friendly product, had the lowest average adjusted ranking score, indicating it was the least safe for the organisms. However, the high standard deviation showed inconsistency in how harmful it was to the variety or organisms tested.