Nate Caswell is a Fish Biologist at the USFWS Carterville Fish and Wildlife Conservation Office. Nate oversees the station’s efforts with the National Fish Passage Program, and handles project administration for the Ohio River Basin Fish Habitat Partnership.


The Ohio River basin is of national significance both in its geographic scope and the fish and mussel resources contained within it. The Ohio River Basin Fish Habitat Partnership was developed to help focus conservation, restoration, and enhancement efforts on priority habitat for fish and mussels in the watersheds of the Ohio River Basin for the benefit of the public. During the partnership’s planning process participants from across the basin were asked to assemble a list of early action sites that possessed key conservation targets and/or outstanding aquatic biodiversity. The Lower Cache River watershed was identified as one of these sites. Early action sites currently serve as ORBFHP interim focus areas until a basin-wide habitat assessment can be completed and used to identify long term Priority Areas for the partnership.

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