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Master of Music

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Presar, Jennifer


Horn recitals of all levels have programmed a wide variety of works. From standard rep, such as the Beethoven Horn Sonata, to new compositions, like the John Williams Concerto for Horn, all pieces hold a special place in horn literature. Through careful consideration, the following pieces have been selected to be performed on the Graduate Horn Recital of Andrew (AJ) Bernal: Vaclav Nelhybel’s Scherzo Concertante, Vincent Persichetti’s Parable VIII for Solo Horn, Kerry Turner’s Concerto for Horn, “The Gothic”, and Bohuslav Martinů’s Quartet for Clarinet, French horn, Cello, and Side Drum. It was with great purpose that these pieces were programmed as they not only require a specific focus in varying musical characteristics, but also because these works are arguably underperformed (due, in part, to the fact that these works have simply not been uncovered or researched yet). The following study brings light to these four composers and their respective works. Each chapter focuses on one piece. And, each chapter contains a biography of the composer, as well as an analysis of their work.