Degree Name

Master of Science

Department or Program

Agribusiness Economics


Asirvatham, Jebara


In America, the advertisement and product availability of high protein foods, food products, and supplements is ever increasing. The associated benefits of a higher protein diet range from higher levels of satiety to increased athletic performance and recovery. Although the majority of previous studies focus on athletic performance and recovery it is important to have an understanding on the growing market to other consumers. This study will attempt to understand and determine the consumer profiles and characteristics of those who consume protein supplements. Socio-demographic and physical activity variables of consumers using supplements from the Centers of Disease Control National Health and nutrition Survey will be used in OLS estimation regression analysis will be used to show the effects of age, annual household income, education, and number of days of activity at least 60 minutes on the amount of protein supplement used. Using two different models, this study found physical activity did not have a linear relationship with protein supplement consumption, age has a negative relationship with protein supplement use.