Degree Name

Master of Science

Department or Program

Mass Communication and Media Arts


Veenstra, Aaron


This paper studies the role of social media, mainly Facebook, played in the Syrian Uprising. social media tools were good mediums of electronic communication among protesters in Syria. Further, it was a vital medium for spreading information, such as photos, videos and documents about the revolution for national, regional and international spheres. This paper looked at the impact of Facebook on the uprising, and how Syrian people used social media ,technology and the nature of its role in the Syrian Uprising . The study has made a controversial argument between different views of scholars about the subject and its case. In this study I will argue that social media played a vital role in increasing democracy and creating a new discussion platform . It also helped in organizing and publicizing the political movement. I will also discuss that in the Arab world social media channels such as Facebook have become one of the most powerful tools of the revolutions, which convey the people’s demands of freedom, transparency, justice, and free-elected governments. The purpose of this essay is to understand the role of the social media, Facebook, in the Syrian uprising.