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Master of Science in Education

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Partridge, Julie


The purpose of the study was to test the sequential pattern effects in participants with no experience with the underhand volleyball serve in a bilateral transfer model. Sixty, college aged participants that were right hand dominant and had no structured volleyball experience, volunteered for this study. The participants were counterbalanced to control for the order effects of dominant to non-dominant (n=30) and non-dominant to dominant (n=30). Each group was given ten trials before switching serving hands for another ten trials. Data from right to left included, M = 12.2, and SD = 4.77 while the data from left to right included, M = 11.90, and SD = 5.86. The paired differences were M = .30, SD = 7.7, t (29) = .21, p = .83, d = .0561. The results were not found to be statistically significant when examining the data collected from the dominant to non-dominant limbs and vice versa. In conclusion, there was no effect when an individual served from the dominant to non-dominant limb and vice versa.