Degree Name

Master of Science

Department or Program

Mass Communication and Media Arts


Motyl, H. D.


This research project paper explores the documentary installation show: Wet Market. The installation is to show the Chinese culture of both shoppers and vendors buying and selling food on a daily basis in the Chinese wet market. With the use of audio, photos, and videos, the author created a space to construct an environment similar to that of a Chinese food wet market. In the show, Wet Market, audiences can walk around to look at the photos, listen to the natural sounds of each section of the wet market recorder on audio, and watch the large screen projected of people walking back and forth through the narrow aisles in the Chinese wet market. This show connects with the wet market in China and brings the atmosphere; the natural sounds of the market, vendors, the hustle and bustle of business, it gives a unique insight of Chinese local culture to the audience.