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Master of Science

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Dr. Jonathan Baker


About 2.1 million Americans over the age of 65 are diagnosed with aphasia, which is a neurological disorder that affects language and communication. Baker, LeBlanc, and Raetz (2008) published a behavioral conceptualization of aphasia and proposed an assessment and treatment model based on Skinner’s (1957) operants, Haughton’s (1980) learning channels, and Sidman’s (1971) identity non-identity categories. To date, no research has demonstrated the most efficacious way to use a transfer of stimulus control with older adults with aphasia. It is possible that if a clinician or researcher knows the learning channel/operant that is best to train the individual, it may improve training. The purpose of this research paper is to suggest a design method using an alternating treatments design to assess if the type of learning channel/operant being taught effects intraverbal teaching for elderly people with aphasia.