Degree Name

Master of Arts

Department or Program

Speech Communication


Pensoneau-Conway, Sandy


How students view their own ability to learn plays a significant role in how they perform over the course of the semester. Students who do not believe in their ability to learn will struggle to find success in the classroom. However, if an instructor can encourage students to have a growth mindset (a mindset in which a person believes that they can develop skills with time and effort), students are more likely to achieve at a high level. In this research, three themes for successful growth mindset intervention in a post-secondary classroom are presented. The themes are: an early introduction to what growth mindset is, goal setting assignments throughout the semester, and growth mindset communication in student feedback. Lastly, an example of a growth mindset intervention program in the context of an introductory communication course is provided. This research provides a foundation for creating a curriculum that is centered around the growth mindset.