Degree Name

Master of Science

Department or Program

Mass Communication and Media Arts


Ryoo, Yuhosua


Companies are focusing on creating a successful corporate social responsibility (CSR) campaign to appeal to and appease consumers and shareholders alike. As the business model gains its notoriety, scholars, and practitioners have studied consumers’ preferences of CSR messaging by different cultural backgrounds. However, with globalization in mind, consumers’ are now bicultural and more globally conscious thanks to the advancement of technology. Very little research investigates the impact of consumers’ CSR preferences while considering consumers’ global consciousness and their identity in relation to others. This leads me to propose a research investigating the interactions between consumers’ self-construals, the globality of CSR initiative (global vs local), and preferred messaging through the construal-level theory. No data collection and analysis were performed based on these proposed interactions; however, a detailed discussion is provided for how a survey and experiment may be tested with visual advertisements with two different CSR initiatives that can be localized and globalized. This paper also proposes expected results from the proposed experiments such that consumers with a global (local) identity would resonate with global (local) CSR initiatives and this tendency would become prevalent when presented with high (low) construal level messages.