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Master of Science in Education

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Philip, Anton M.


The purpose of this study was to find which load is optimal for peak power production in the barbell jump squat. Resistance training and jumping have been the main methods for increasing power production, but it is still unclear which loads are the best for producing the most force during the barbell jump squat. Five resistance trained college students participated in this study. Each participant did the same protocol with the only difference being the weight used during data collection. Participants met on two separate days. The first day was to familiarize the participants with the equipment being used and to go over the study design. On day two participants’ height and weight were collected, a ten-minute warm was completed, and data was collected for jumps completed at BW, 5%, 10%, and 15% of EFS 1-RM. The data collected indicated that peak power production was produced between 5 and 15% of EFS 1-RM with most of the participants reaching peak power at 5% EFS 1-RM.