The present study was carried out to assess and document ethnobotanical knowledge of shrubs and trees of District Buner as the area has diverse flora and high ethnobotanical potential. It was found that 94 different plant species are used for medicinal, timber, fuel wood, fodder, ornamental, agricultural tools, Thatching, fencing, naming (folk lore) and fruit yielding purposes.

Bulk of plant species show multiple uses like Juglans regia wood is used for making furniture, gun woody parts, carving and as fuel. Root bark (Dandasa) is used for cleaning and sparkling teeth. Leaves are used by womenfolk for coloring lips (make-up). Nuts are edible and are traded to other parts of the country. The fruits are aphrodisiac and also used as dye. Decoction of leaves is given in eczema and intestinal worms. Used in naming i.e. Ghuz.

Several species like Abies pindrow, Berberis lycium, Juglans regia, Skimmia laureola, Daphne oleoides and Pistacea integrima are under severe pressure from local population and require protection and conservation strategies.