Date of Award


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy


Workforce Education and Development

First Advisor

Waugh, Christopher


AN ABSTRACT OF THE DISSERTATION OF Kelli D. Whittington, for the Doctor of Philosophy degree in Work Force Education, presented on June 23, 2014, at Southern Illinois University Carbondale. TITLE: UTILIZING THE EXPECTANCY THEORY AS A PREDICTOR OF STUDENT ACADEMIC SUCCESS ON THE ILLINOIS NURSE ASSISTANT COMPETENCY EXAMINATION MAJOR PROFESSOR: Dr. C. Keith Waugh This study researches the relationship between motivation and academic success as measured by the Valence, Instrumentality, Expectancy Scale. Utilizing Vroom's Expectancy Theory as the framework for study, the research assessed the responses of 375 nurse assistant students in the state of Illinois to evaluate the self-report of the constructs of Vroom's Expectancy Theory in relation to their performance on the Illinois Nurse Assistant Training Competency Examination.




This dissertation is Open Access and may be downloaded by anyone.