Date of Award


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy


Electrical and Computer Engineering

First Advisor

Sayeh, Mohammad


This dissertation studies a unique delta sigma modulator (DSM), known as reversed hysteresis delta sigma modulator (R-HDSM). This modulator is appropriate for ultra-high speed analog-to-digital converters, which can be used for communications and signal processing systems and their applications. Furthermore, the procedure to design the binary delta sigma modulator (BDSM) with a delay is developed and then parameters deltaOFF and deltaON ; are calculated for the system. In addition, analysis of the BDSM with a delay is achieved and the theoretical and simulated values compared. The reversed hysteresis delta sigma modulators are also analyzed, and the theoretical and the simulated values compared. The dissertation evaluates the performance measure for the suggested systems with continuous DSM and BDSM in terms of the spurious free dynamic range (SFDR), the signal to noise ratio (SNR), and the root mean square error (RMS). It studies the second-order R-HDSM. Finally, it compares the first-order R- HDSM and the second-order R-HDSM in terms of the signal to noise ratio (SNR).




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