Date of Award


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy



First Advisor

Fitzgerald, Robert


We give explicit factorizations of $a$-cyclotomic polynomials of order $2^m 3$, $Q_{2^m3,a}(x)$, over a finite field $F_q$ with $q$ elements where $q$ is a prime power, $m$ is a nonnegative integer and $a$ is a nonnegative element of $F_q$. We use the relation between usual cyclotomic polynomials and $a$-cyclotomic polynomials. Factorizations split into eight categories according to $q \equiv \pm1$ (mod 4), $a$ and $-3$ are square in $F_q$. We find that the coefficients of irreducible factors are primitive roots of unity and in some cases that are related with Dickson polynomials.




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