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The problem of this research was to determine (a) perceptions of business teacher educators regarding the nature of integrated reading skill instruction in high school business courses, (b) the professional development background of business teacher educators for integrated reading skill instruction, and (c) the influence of selected variables on business teacher educators' perceptions of reading skill integration in high school business courses. The study population included 188 business teacher educators in 36 states. Data were gathered through the use of a survey instrument that was validated by a panel of experts and pilot tested. Conclusions state that business teacher educators perceive it is important to explicitly integrate reading skills in business courses. They reported the frequent integration of reading skills could improve the business and reading knowledge of learners. Study participants felt they were adequately prepared to instruct business education teacher candidates in methods of integrating reading skills in business courses. The study participants indicated they could use additional training to prepare business education teacher candidates to integrate reading skills in business courses. The same group indicated the most influential training to integrate reading skills occur during classroom practice, university coursework, and/or professional development conferences/workshops. Extensive participant characteristics were collected. The focus (research,teaching, or a combination of the two) of the participants' university and the duration of their teaching experience had a significant impact on their perception of the importance and outcome of integrating reading skills in business courses. It is recommended that business teacher educators be exposed to professional development opportunities focused on preparing business teacher educators in methods of integrating reading skills in business courses. Further research is recommended that determines if business teacher educators are actually preparing business teacher educators to integrate reading skills in business courses, the methods of preparation, and the impact on student reading and business skill achievement as a result of the integration of reading skills in business courses.




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