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AN ABSTRACT OF THE DISSERTATION OFQUINTIN BOSTON, for the Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Rehabilitation presented on July 1, 2009 at Southern Illinois University Carbondale. TITLE: Assessing Multicultural Counseling Competencies, of Internship Students Enrolled in CORE and CACREP Accredited Programs. MAJOR PROFESSORS: Dr's. Stacia Robertson & Carl Flowers This study was an investigation of multicultural competencies, ethnic identity, and cultural beliefs of master's level students on internship enrolled in CORE and CACREP accredited counseling programs. Due to changes in the demographical landscape of the United States, providing adequate counseling services to individuals from diverse backgrounds has become more challenging than ever before. Therefore, it is imperative that counseling programs prepare students to adequately serve these populations. Past literature has highlighted the importance of being a culturally competent counselor as a sign of professional growth. The purpose of this study was to examine students on internship in their respected counseling programs. In order to accomplish this, counseling students on internship across the United States were surveyed during the Spring 2009 semester. The instruments used for the purpose of this study were the Multicultural Awareness Knowledge and Skills Survey, the Multigroup Ethnic Identity Measure, and the Cultural Beliefs Towards Disability Scale. A total of 148 participants were involved in the study. Results showed there were no significant differences in the total score of the students on the Multicultural Awareness, Knowledge and Skills Survey. A significant difference was found regarding the sub-scale awareness. Regarding the demographic variables in the study, two variables, Ethnic-Black and Ethnic-Hispanic were found to contribute statistical significance to the Multigroup Ethnic Identity Measure and the Cultural Beliefs Towards Disability Scale. Lastly, a significant correlation was established between multicultural competencies, ethnic identity, and cultural beliefs.




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