Date of Award


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy



First Advisor

Auxier, Randall

Second Advisor

Stikkers, Kenneth


In this dissertation, I defend an interpretation of Foucault’s parrhesiast (those who speak truth to power frankly) that blends it with his various methodological turns by casting the relationship as rhetorical. For that proposal, I attempt to introduce five major strategies defending the necessity of adopting a certain rhetorical standpoint, without which we cannot fully justify philosophy’s underpinnings. The opening of that rhetorical standpoint (in a special sense to be elaborated mostly in the first chapter) helps me to interpret some of the major tenets of Foucault’s philosophy, like his peculiar theory of discourse, his panoply in mapping a very specific history of knowledge (savoir), and finally the way Foucault envisages the role of the individuals in their historical predicament.




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