Date of Award


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy



First Advisor

Xiao, Mingqing

Second Advisor

McSorley, John


AN ABSTRACT OF THE DISSERTATION OFSaleh Aljurbua, for the Doctor of Philosophy degree in APPLIED MATHEMATICS, presented on January 27th, 2021, at Southern Illinois University Carbondale. TITLE: THE EXISTENCE OF SOLUTIONS FOR FRACTIONAL DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS FOR ORDER q ∈ (n − 1, n], n ∈ N, WITH ANTIPERIODIC BOUNDARY CONDITIONS MAJOR PROFESSOR: Dr. Mingqing Xiao Differential equations play a major role in natural science, physics and technology. Fractional differential equations (FDE) gained a lot of popularity in the past three decades and they became very important in economics, physics and chemistry. In fact, fractional integrals and derivatives became essential and made a significant contribution in dynamical systems which simulate it. They fill the gaps between the integer-types of integrations and derivatives in the classical settings. This work consists of four Chapters. The first Chapter will be covering background, preliminary and fundamental tools used in our dissertation topic. The second Chapter consists of the existence of solutions for nonlinear fractional differential equations of some specific orders with antiperiodic boundary conditions followed by the main topic which is the existence of solutions for nonlinear fractional differential equations of order q ∈ (n−1, n], n ∈ N with antiperiodic boundary conditions of a continuous function f(t, x(t)). Moreover, definitions, theorems and some lemmas will be provided. v In the third Chapter, we offer some examples to illustrate our approach in the main topic. Finally, the fourth Chapter includes the summary and perspective researches.




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