Date of Award


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy



First Advisor

Partridge, Julie


While we know much about the psychology of sport, little gets translated onto the playing field. Typically, there is only consultation when a problem arises or when performance falls short. The purpose of this study was mainly exploratory in order to gather data on three factors of mental health, find any associations between those factors, and to predict any risk factors using demographic variables. Three validated measurement tools were used to measure burnout (Athlete Burnout Questionnaire; Raedeke & Smith, 2004), depression (Beck Depression Inventory-II; Beck et al., 1996), and transition readiness (British Athletes Lifestyle Assessment Needs in Career and Education; Lavallee & Wylleman, 1999). The three measures (ABQ, BDI, and BALANCE) were found to be positively associated based on non-parametric correlation analyses. Medium to large effect sizes were found between each pair, indicating that there are possibly shared factors between depression, burnout, and transition risk. Multiple regression analyses indicated no significant demographic predictors of burnout, depression, or transition readiness. The results of this study show that most student-athletes in this sample are at mild risk for burnout, depression, and transition issues. Mental health screenings, like this one, can provide valuable information to athletic administrations and help avoid larger issues in the future.




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