Date of Award


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy


Computer Science

First Advisor

Gupta, Bidyut


Multicasting can be done in two different ways: source based tree approach andshared tree approach. Shared tree approach is preferred over source-based treeapproach because in the later construction of minimum cost tree per source is neededunlike a single shared tree in the former approach. However, in shared tree approach asingle core needs to handle the entire traffic load resulting in degraded multicastperformance. Besides, it also suffers from „single point failure‟. Multicast is acommunication between one or multiple senders and multiple receivers, which used asa way of sending IP datagrams to a group of interested receivers in one transmission.Core-based trees major concerns are core selection and core as single point of failure.The problem of core selection is to choose the best core or cores in the network toimprove the network performance.In this dissertation we propose 1) a multiple core selection approach for core-based tree multicasting, senders can select different cores to have an efficient loadbalanced multicore multicasting. It will overcome any core failure as well. 2) Novel andefficient schemes for load shared multicore multicasting are presented. Multiple coresare selected statically, that is, independent of any existing multicast groups and also theselection process is independent of any underlying unicast protocol. Some of theselected cores can be used for fault- tolerant purpose also to guard against any possible core failures. 3) We have presented two novel and efficient schemes forgroup-based load shared multicore multicasting in which members of a multicast groupuse the same core tree for their multicasting. 4) We also presented two schemes aim atachieving low latency multicasting along with load sharing for delay sensitive multicastapplications. Besides, we have presented a unique approach for core migration, whichuses two very important parameters, namely, depth of a core tree and pseudo diameterof a core. One noteworthy point from the viewpoint of fault tolerance is that the degreeof fault-tolerance can be enhanced from covering single point-failure to any number ofcore failures.

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