Date of Award


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy



First Advisor

Rottinghaus, Patrick


The present study continues the long line of research addressing Person-Environment fit started by Frank Parsons a century ago and the construct of career satisfaction. Previous research emphasized Holland themes and specific occupational scales, with this study being the first to evaluate the higher order of personal style relating to job satisfaction. This study examined the capacity of the General Occupational Themes (GOTs) and Personal Style Scales (PSSs) of the 2005 Strong Interest Inventory in predicting job satisfaction across 8 individual samples comprising 4,938 working adults. Sequential discriminant function analyses demonstrated that sets of hypothesized PSSs significantly distinguished between satisfied and dissatisfied workers beyond the six Holland themes in all 8 occupational samples. This research provided validation and support for the newly added Team Orientation PSS. It further provided support for demographic variables related to job satisfaction, including ethnicity, gender, age, and the reason for testing.




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