Date of Award


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy


Electrical and Computer Engineering

First Advisor

Pourboghrat, Farzad


Optimal control design and implementation for nonlinear systems is a topic of much interest. However, unlike for linear systems, for nonlinear systems explicit analytical solution for optimal feedback control is not available. Numerical techniques, on the other hand, can be used to approximate the solution of the HJB equation to find the optimal control. In this research, a computational approach is developed for finding the optimal control for nonlinear systems with polynomial vector fields based on sum of squares technique. In this research, a numerical technique is developed for optimal control of polynomial nonlinear systems. The approach follows a four-step procedure to obtain both local and approximate global optimality. In the first step, local optimal control is found by using the linearization method and solving the Algebraic Riccati equation with respect to the quadratic part of a given performance index. Next, we utilize the density function method to find a globally stabilizing polynomial nonlinear control for the nonlinear system. In the third step, we find a corresponding Lyapunov function for the designed control in the previous steps based on the Hamilton Jacobi inequality by using semidefinite programming. Finally, to achieve global optimality, we iteratively update the pair of nonlinear control and Lyapunov function based on a state-dependent polynomial matrix inequality. Numerical examples illustrate the effectiveness of the design approach.




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