Date of Award


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy


Curriculum and Instruction

First Advisor

McIntyre, John


The purpose of this study was to investigate Saudi mathematics teachers’ understanding and practices of formative assessment as well as determine the factors affecting the practice of formative assessment in mathematics education. The sample included 202 in-service mathematics teachers at both rural and urban public elementary schools in Al Baha district, Saudi Arabia. A concurrent mixed methods design was used. Quantitative data were collected through the questionnaire and data analysis consisted of descriptive statistics, ANOVA, and t-test. Qualitative data were gathered through open-ended questions on the questionnaire and the semi-structured interview. A thematic analysis approach was utilized to analyze the qualitative data. The major findings of this study are that the participants have a high level of understanding of formative assessment. However, the results revealed the participants do not always practice formative assessment during their instruction. In regard to the factors hindering the practice of formative assessment, the participants reported three major factors which are the workload of the mathematics curriculum, the lack of time, and the large number of students in the class respectively. In addition, the results showed that the level of education and teaching experience have an impact on mathematics teachers using formative assessment. Recommendations to policymakers, mathematics teachers, and future research to incorporate formative assessment within a balanced assessment system and ongoing professional development for mathematics teachers.




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