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Doctor of Philosophy



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Crimando, William


The purpose of this study was to examine the relationship among the perceptions of international doctoral students enrolled in rehabilitation counseling regarding the quality of academic advising and its relationship with satisfaction and productivity. The sample for the study consisted of seven volunteer international doctoral students from four universities who are currently enrolled in rehabilitation counseling doctoral programs in the United States. Overall results from this qualitative study showed five themes: academic expectation, academic program satisfaction, cultural background, academic advising and factors than enhance the advisor relationship. The academic expectation reflects the importance of program ranking, completion of doctoral degree and research skills development. The academic program satisfaction theme reflects the vital role of receiving positive feedback from faculty members, the development of research skills, and coursework - plan of study related to the expectations of the international doctoral student. The cultural background should be included as criteria in the design and development of coursework. Academic advising reflects the significance of advisor availability consistent with course selection. The factors that enhance the advisory relationship reflect the areas of interest and future career plans, the program satisfaction, the cultural background, scholarly productivity and the quality advisory relationship. Keywords: international students, rehabilitation counseling education programs, academic advisement, satisfaction, productivity




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