Date of Award


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy


Curriculum and Instruction

First Advisor

McIntyre, D. John


The study investigated the motivational factors among Saudi teachers and supervisors in using online professional development OPD in the Makkah School District. The motivational factors are convenience, collaboration, and technology. Quantitative design, which includes descriptive and comparative approaches, was was utilized to address the research questions. The selection of the sample, 421 participants, was also discussed and a description of the sample with respect to the demographic variables, including gender, position, level of degree, and teaching experience were given. After collecting data, descriptive and comparative approaches, themes, and codes were used in order to get the results. The results indicate that convenience, collaboration, and technology highly motivate Saudi teachers and supervisors to use OPD. The results also show other motivational factors, which are administrative support, the quality of OPD programs, and social motivation. The findings show that gender and position have no impact on the participants’ responses. However, teaching experience does make an impact with respect to convenience on teachers and supervisors who have more than 26 years experience in the profession. In addition, the level of education does make an impact regarding technology on teachers and supervisors who hold a master’s degree or above. The results also indicate barriers to OPD, which are technical issues, administrative issues, and personal concerns. Most significantly, results show that most participants prefer OPD over face-to-face PD. Implications were made and suggestions offered in order to enhancing the use of OPD programs in the Saudi context. The study closes with suggestions for future research by those who might be interested in this topic.




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