Date of Award


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy



First Advisor

Wang, Yu-Wei


The purpose of this study was to examine the effects of culture on coping with child sexual abuse (CSA). Specifically, I assessed whether the perpetrators’ familial membership (intrafamilial vs extrafamilial) moderated the relations (a) between traditional Latin@ values (familismo, respeto, traditional gender roles, and personalismo) and survivors’ perceived family support effectiveness and (b) between Latin@ values and current trauma interference. I also examined the relationships (a) between trauma resolution and family’s support effectiveness and (b) between trauma resolution and current trauma interference. In total, 83 Latina survivors participated in this online study. Results indicated that the relation between respeto and current trauma interference was moderated by the perpetrators’ familial membership. Survivors who highly valued personalismo, regardless of the perpetrators’ familial membership, reported that the trauma interfered less with their lives. The participants who reported that the trauma interfered more with their lives also reported that the trauma was more resolved. In addition, those who reported greater current trauma interference were more likely to have sought counseling for their CSA, and those who were older tended to feel their trauma was less resolved. Finally, survivors of intrafamilial CSA tended to be younger when the abuse occurred and older at the time of participation in the study. In sum, these findings highlight the complex relationship between culture and coping among Latina survivors of CSA. Findings can contribute to the development of culturally informed services for Latina survivors of CSA by helping counselors and researchers assist Latinas to understand how CSA survivors’ coping efficacy and recovery outcomes are related to their cultural contexts.




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