Date of Award


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy



First Advisor

Rehfeldt, Ruth Anne


The following studies examined the effectiveness and the efficiency of individual and small group equivalence-based instruction on English and math relations with elementary school children. The first experiment implemented a multiple-probe design across three typically developing third graders using an automated procedure to evaluate the stimulus equivalence paradigm (SEP) on establishing English and math equivalence classes. Since some researchers have proposed that covert behavior facilitates in the formation of equivalence classes (Horne & Lowe, 1996; Stromer, Mackay, & Remington, 1996), the second experiment examined the possible role of covert behavior, more specifically, a visual imagining strategy, on correct responding after remedial instructional sessions. To further extend SEP into more academic environments, the third experiment used an observational learning procedure to evaluate the formation of English and math symmetry relations as well as the formation of equivalence classes in a small group format. The emergence of topography-based responding was also assessed after instruction for all three experiments.




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