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Doctor of Philosophy



First Advisor

Anderson, Douglas


This work is an account of meaning and value in the time of climate change. I use the findings and predictions of scientists to develop a philosophy of living that fits today's concerns. In essence the ideas put forward come from a single question: If humans can change the planet in such a way that it threatens the possibility of human life on Earth what does this mean for the place of humans on Earth? It is this question, which the every chapter hereafter works to answer. Establishing a philosophy of living and explaining a global ecological crisis is a lofty goal. I should warn you know that things are still plenty murky in the conclusion. This work does not attempt to solve all of the problems of climate change. Far from it, my actual goal is to study those problems and learn what they may teach us about our terrestrial home, and humanity in the time of climate change. The title, Nuestro Mundo is a reference to José Martí's seminal work "Nuestra America" (Our America). What you are about to read is an attempt to use the insights of that work to develop ways of thinking about the problems of climate change. In the 1890's Martí wrote to energize Cuba's war for independence. His prescription: throw off foreign ideals, examine what it is to be Cuban, and fight for what is Cuba. Today I write to inform and energize people to act for our planet. My prescription: throw off artificial ideals, examine what it is to be of the Earth, and fight for the planet's survival.




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