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The conventional power method transformation is a moment-matching technique that simulates non-normal distributions with controlled measures of skew and kurtosis. The percentile-based power method is an alternative that uses the percentiles of a distribution in lieu of moments. This article presents a SAS/IML macro that implements the percentile-based power method.

JMASM-2016-simPPM.txt (10 kB)
simPPM - a SAS macro for a 3rd order percentile-based power method

JMASM-2016-ex1percentiles.txt (1 kB)
Example 1 percentiles

JMASM-2016-ex2correlations.txt (1 kB)
Example 2 correlations

JMASM-2016-ex2percentiles.txt (1 kB)
Example 2 percentiles