The SIUC Department of Kinesiology/SIH Strong Survivors Program uses exercise as a therapeutic tool to help cancer survivors and caregivers get through the treatment and recovery period. Strong Survivors is a research-oriented program that collects data pertaining to cancer rehabilitation and survivorship, particularly related to the performance of activities of daily living. This data helps the program add additional evidence for the efficacy of exercise programs in this often underserved population. The program also provides an opportunity for SIUC students to obtain practical, hands-on exercise testing/training experience while building their resumes. As they work with program participants, students apply knowledge that they have learned in the classroom and this leads to important professional and personal growth which can benefit them greatly as they move into the work force or graduate/professional school. Most importantly, Strong Survivors offers cancer survivors and caregivers the opportunity to improve their quality of life through improved fitness/wellness and the management of cancer and cancer treatment-related physical and psychological symptoms/side effects. These symptoms/side effects often reach debilitating levels and this free program helps attenuate or eliminate this impact.