Over recent years, the aviation industry has transitioned from using the traditional paper record-keeping system, known to aircraft operators as logbooks, for documenting maintenance actions on aircraft to using software/ digitally-based record-keeping systems for the same actions. These various software packages can be tailored for use in almost any type or size of aviation operation giving the company and its maintenance personnel near- limitless flexibility to meet their specific needs. As many options as there may be, finding a package that could be tailored for use in an educational setting is tedious and not cost beneficial. Students in the Department of Aviation Technologies at SIUC are still learning to record maintenance entries in these paper logbooks and have virtually no exposure to the now- commonplace digital record-keeping software that they will be working with upon graduation and entrance into the workforce. To bridge this transition, this project includes the development of a digital record-keeping system using a smartphone/tablet application that is designed specifically for use in the aviation classroom, on a smaller scale yet still resembling the record-keeping applications found in the larger aviation industry