Associate Professor Martin Hebel will present his research, texts & software authorship, and teaching in relationship to the Internet of Things (IoT) with a table display. IoT is the use of the internet to monitor and control a wide assortment of ‘smart’ devices such as in home automation and building management. Very simple and cost efficient systems can be developed for IoT use for a wide variety of applications for both personal and profession use in medical, industrial or agricultural system. These system may be accessed via web browsers or dedicated smart phone Apps. Professor Hebel has worked with the University of Florida to wirelessly collect data from citrus as it is shaken off the tree; worked with the University of Sassari, Italy on wireless collection of biomedical information; has written multiple texts and software packages; and is a co-inventor on a patent for monitoring of crops for precision irrigation. Students from his IoT class will be on hand to demonstrate and discuss their class project on wireless monitoring and control via the internet.