Recently, fashion and technology are becoming much more incorporated, looking towards more combination of digital innovations. For example, Amazon has innovated a device for consumers to take style-selfies by exploring their voice control platforms. The device is called as “the Echo Look,” Amazon’s virtual style consultant. Based on this device, we are in the process of fashion Artificial Intelligence (AI) research which aims at analyzing consumers’ acceptance and purchase intention so as to further predict how will consumers’ fashion sense being affected by new technologies. The other ongoing project is through an interdisciplinary collaboration team with Electrical and Biomedical Engineering colleagues. We tried to apply to forecast vision attentions of images from fashion magazine advertisements based saliency algorithms. In this research, we applied our developed deep features-based saliency algorithms to predict vision attentions for visual information from common magazine advertisements and editorials. The analysis based on these established algorithms will be beneficial for fashion manufacturers, retailers, and merchandisers