Flipped learning changes the way students receive class-related information to engage them in learning activities rather than act as passive observers (Lage, Platt, & Treglia, 2000). When viewed outside normal class times, video-based instruction (VBI) delivers information that prepares students for lab activities. This research compared the performance of students in a traditional lab to those in a modified lab that used VBI to deliver demonstration in a metals processing course in an aviation maintenance technology curriculum. Conducted over a two-year period, this study examined the differences in the performance in two different sections of the same lab-intensive metals processing classes that require a high degree of manipulative skill development. Demonstration is normally done by the instructor, but the flipped lab replaced the in-person instructor demonstrations with demonstrations available via YouTube. At the end of both courses, the students’ attitudes towards the class, the time to complete lab projects, and the overall course grades were recorded and later analyzed. Results indicate that VBI can be an appropriate teaching tool for manipulative skills when used in a lab environment.