Artizein: Arts and Teaching Journal


A university community-based intercession course offers preservice art teachers a unique opportunity to experience inverse inclusion in an art class for special needs adults. Inverse inclusion allows preservice teachers to become students working side-by-side with an equal or greater number of special needs learners, and also places them in occasional roles as teacher, teacher’s assistant, and videographer. Their observations and interactions within these roles provide preservice teachers with perceptive insights and perspectives about teaching, and nurture a better understanding of special needs students’ personal interests and abilities. Applying, reflecting upon, and adapting open-ended art curriculum theory and practice from multiple participant perspectives suggest the potential to apply this model of inverse inclusion to preservice art education programs and research.

Figure 1A..jpg (2661 kB)
Adding to a collaborative landscape

Figure 1B..jpg (3037 kB)
Completed collaborative landscape

Figure 2..jpg (3618 kB)
Working on poster designs

Figure 3..jpg (897 kB)
Favorite repeated imagery

Figure 4..jpg (2914 kB)
Elaborating on imagery through storytelling

Figure 5..jpg (4036 kB)
Designing fairytale book

Figure 6..jpg (3991 kB)
Drawing extension to stained glass window design

Figure 7..jpg (3715 kB)
Familiar form in inkblots

Figure 8..jpg (3975 kB)
Expanding of inkblot forms

Figure 9..jpg (2725 kB)
Experimenting with inkblots on recycled magazine pages



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