On our university campuses the complexities of political activity to create accountability in public resource allocations abound as performance based funding measures evolve. If handled poorly, and without strong faculty leadership, these good intentions will be for naught, at best. Adrianna Kezar of USC correctly reflected:

Faculty members who work directly to advance the institutional mission of teaching, learning, and at some institutions, research, represent the core human resource of higher education. ____________________________________________________________________

The efforts and results of public universities are put under great scrutiny. Good.

In many public universities there is an academic leadership vacuum brought about by administrative leadership unfamiliar with the workings of a university; leaders selected by a process that excludes faculty perspective; faculty senates rendered powerless from years of avoiding confrontation on key issues; and university governance that responds only to political pressure.

Some institutions are unfortunate enough to be plagued by all four plights simultaneously. By my recollection pestilence is next.