Universities must compete for students through excellence and quality. There is no substitute for competition in creating excellence, and it should be the highest priority for any institution of higher education.

Governments cannot make universities by enactments of laws: Nor corporations by erections of edifices: The church cannot create them under the authority of heaven: The flattering eulogies of orators cannot adorn them with learning: Newspapers cannot puff them into being. Learned men-scholars- these are the only workmen who can build up universities. Provide charters and endowments- the necessary protection and capital - provide books and apparatus- the necessary tools: Then seek out sufficient scholars, and leave them to their work, as the intellectual engineers who alone are competent to do it.

Henry P. Tappan (1805-1881) President, University of Michigan


In a Saint Patrick’s Day story posted on the website InsideHigherEd.com, the virtues of Los Rios Community College and the symbiotic relationship between labor and management built on interest-based bargaining are touted. In It Together in California author Dan Berrett suggests that faculty, staff and administration work together to “split revenue.” Interest-based bargaining, a nice concept in the private sector, is heralded as the peace-creating, peace-saving process.