Eighth and final in a series of who our students are and how they perform.

Appreciating different perspectives diminishes neither loyalty nor purpose, but enriches both.

Diversity of opinion within the framework of loyalty to our free society is not only basic to a university but to the entire nation.

James Bryant Conant, President, Harvard University 1933 -1953


I cry when I sing Amazing Grace, as do some of those around me, although I fear their tears are the product of auditory discomfort rather than commitment. The National Anthem, when sung with intentionality and precision, whets my emotions. These two songs make up an important part of my calculus of loyalty. You have such a calculus. Bob Dylan expressed one aspect of the equation in One more Cup of Coffee, when he twanged, “Your loyalty is not to me, But to the stars above.”

In this age of shrinking resources, alumni loyalty is more cherished than ever. Alma Mater means Nourishing Mother. Universities need that bond to be like Super Glue as they become more dependent on nontraditional resources.